Privacy policy

Personal information in regard to the FPEC website is protected in accordance with the “Privacy Policy” as described below.

  1. Please note that FPEC will collect or use the information of customers including name, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc. in order to smoothly perform business. FPEC understands that FPEC’s social obligations include proper protection and handling of personal information (hereinafter “customer information”) received from customers, as FPEC recognizes the importance of the information. FPEC will handle customer information in accordance with following policies to accomplish the obligation.

    (1) FPEC will observe personal information protection law that is applicable to customer information and will handle the information properly. FPEC will also make every effort to improve its handling ways.

    (2) FPEC will clarify the regulation on handling customer information and will let all the employees know.

    (3) FPEC will specify the purpose of use and notify or officially announce when collecting customer information, and will handle customer information in accordance with the purpose of use.

    (4) FPEC will appropriately manage and take necessary measures in order to prevent leak, loss, falsification.

    (5) About customer information FPEC possesses, FPEC will sincerely deal and manage with indication, correction, deletion, suspension of use etc. only if requested from customer himself.

  2. Collection of information
    In FPEC website, the information of users are collected by following 2 ways according to circumstances.

    (1) Registration
    FPEC website may ask customers to register user name and e-mail address etc. when requested for inquiries, quotations and catalogues. These information will be used for reference or confirmation of users when using our service.

    (2) Cookies
    Cookies are used to collect information for partial contents of FPEC website. A cookie is sent to and saved on users’ computer when he visits websites, however, the information to be saved does not include user name or e-mail address etc. which specify the individual. A cookie cannot start a program or send any viruses, and is not hazardous on its own.

    In FPEC website, cookies may be used to analyze what services users are interested in or to deliver an effective advertisement on the website. However, users who wish to reject any cookies can set the operating conditions of their browser to refuse any cookies. When users set up a browser to refuse cookies, they can browse web pages but cannot utilize some privileges provided on the website.

  3. Use of Information
    The information registered for partial contents (e.g. information about accessing the website) may be used for supply or development of more attractive and valuable services in the FPEC website.

    FPEC will not share customer information with any third party without a customer’s permission. However, FPEC may disclose customer information without the consent of the user when requested by public authorities for use in trials, police investigations, and other public matters.

  4. Sharing of Information
    The information which is confirmed to be the same information as user has previously registered may be shared in the FPEC website and in its network in order to notify that it has been registered already when using the FPEC website or other services for individuals. However, FPEC will not intentionally share these information with groups or individuals who are approved as partners of FPEC website.

  5. Community Service
    FPEC is making every effort to protect the customer information registered by users. However, please note that there is possibility for the information to be unintentionally used when users voluntarily register the personal information on bulletin board or similar community services which can be shared and seen by the other users.
    Users are held responsible for any information registered besides on the registration form provided in the FPEC website.

  6. Purpose of Customer Information
    FPEC will use customer information for sales of software, services of consultation, accompanying business, its related after services to be provided, and for notification of above mentioned businesses.
    FPEC may contract an outside cooperative to execute, operate, manage and administrate a part of FPEC business as well as website.In such case, FPEC may provide customer information as required but will take all precautions possible to prevent the contractor from using information other than for essential purpose.

  7. Disclosure of Customer Information
    When user wishes to know about his own information which FPEC possesses, FPEC will provide the information within reasonable period and limit only if confirmed that user is the one who registered.

  8. Correction of Customer Information
    When user wishes to correct, add or delete his own information which FPEC possesses, FPEC will correct, add or delete the information within reasonable period and limit only if confirmed that user is the one who registered and that information is different from what is right.

  9. Suspension of Use or erasure of Customer Information
    When user wishes to suspend the use of his own information or erase his own information which FPEC possesses, FPEC will do so within reasonable period and limit only if confirmed that user is the one who registered.
    Please note and understand that FPEC may unfortunately not be able to provide any services to those users who has suspended use of information or erased his own information.

  10. Reception of Disclosure etc. of Customer Information
    Users may apply or inquire about disclosure, correction, deletion, erasure of customer information and suspension of use of customer information by contacting from here.  An additional and a specific procedure will be informed after receipt of user’s request e-mail and confirmation of personal identification. However, according to circumstances, please note that users may be asked to submit his request in writing.

  11. We will properly handle personal information in compliance with laws and other standards related to the protection of personal information.  In addition, we will review the contents of this policy as appropriate and strive to improve them.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions.