Plant Disaster Prevention System Engineering

FPEC is the only one company which is specialized of fire protection system for process plants handling hazardous materials.  We originally started from a engineering company, and for over 20 years, we have been involved in basic system design of fire protection system (fire extinguishing system, fire / gas alarm system)  of petroleum / chemical plants and LNG / LPG plants, both domestic and overseas.  With long years of experience, we have deep insight for this field and design tools.

Base on the user's specifications, applicable regulations, applicable codes and standards, FPEC will review the possible risks throughout the plant and prepare basic design criteria, which will support smooth progress of the project and will prevent it from reworks.

In addition to design of fire protection system, FPEC will support overall safety considerations, such as the distance between equipment / buildings, fire-resistant structure, fire-resistant time, explosion-proof structure, relations of air-conditioning system/smoke-exhaust system and smoke detectors.   We also provide technical evaluations for quotations from fire protection equipment manufacturers, check approved documents after order, technical reviews and support, and respond to comments from end users. 

Major Works

  1. System Engineering for Budgetary Estimation
    Design information for detailed design related parts such as electricity, piping, civil engineering, including data sheets for fire-fighting and equipment, proposal documents, roughly cost estimation of equipment, etc.
  2. FS/FEED/Awarded Project Execution
    We act as a specialist of fire protection department, and supports project coordination and equipment procurement related to fire protection system.
  3. FPEC's role in the entire project
    We will act as a “fire protection department” for customer projects.
    As referred in the following figure, FPEC can be responsible for "basic design" + "correspondence with end user" + "Equipment specification" + "correspondence with equipment manufacturers" + "coordination with downstream detail design" according to customer's request.

Regulations, Codes and Standards

  Japan domestic Regulations
  • Fire service Law
  • High Pressure Gas Safety Law
  • Disaster Prevention Law in Petroleum Industrial Complexes
  • Electricity Business Act.
  • City Local regulations.
Overseas Regulations
  • NFPA
  • API
  • EI
  • BS
  • Regulations in Singapore, Thai, Russia.
Other Standards
  • ExxonMobil
  • Shell
  • BP
  • Other Major Oil Standards


  • Japan Domestic Project: Japanese
  • Overseas Project: English Only
    We have a lot of experience in overseas projects, and we create and submit proposals and design documents in English.

Our Experiences

Our main customers are as follows.
We deal with global plant engineering companies and general contractor companies.

- Mitsubishi-Hitach Power Systems Co., Ltd.
- JGC Corporation
- Toyo Engineering Corporation
- Mitsui E&S Engineering Co., Ltd.
- Tsukishima Kankyo Engineering Ltd.
- IHI Plant Services Corporation
- Shimizu Corporation, Engineering Dept.

For detailed experiences of us, refer to Here.