In Japan、FPEC is only one safety consultant in the field of plant disaster prevention for oil refineries, LPG/LNG plants, chemical plants.

Plant Disaster Prevention Consulting

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  • Safety review for plant design / operation / management
  • Support of application to public fire department 
  • Identification of hazardous area and Explosion protection measures in accordance with IEC 60079-10-1 Edition 2.0 "Classification of areas-Explosive gas atmospheres"
  • Planning of countermeasures after the accident and support response to public fire department
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) of accidental discharge, evaporation, dispersion, fire and explosion of hazardous material, with calculation of risks frequency and effects on damage
  • Plant disaster assessment and safety study by using various PC programs owned by FPEC  and our partners
  • Support and drafting global safety standards of an individual international company, including Japan fire service low

Plant Disaster Simulation

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  • Accidental discharge and liquid spill spreading, evaporation, gas / odor dispersion of hazardous material
  • Heat radiation from spill fire, tank fire and estimation of initiation time of boil over
  • Explosion (VCE, BLEVE), fireball, flash fire
  • Water/foam monitors allocation by using mapping software for the discharge trajectory simulation program
  • Fire protection planning

Plant Disaster Prevention System Engineering

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  • Fire fighting system
  • Fire pump, fire main piping
  • Fire / gas detection system
  • Back-up system of electrical power / air / N2